Sand Filter CT Series
Sand Filter CT Series

Sand Filter CT Series

Description - The CT Series features a spherical tank with 2" valve ports. It is suitable for in-ground and large above ground pools.

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       The body is made of HDPE plastic material for durability and long life.

       Top diffuser ensures even distribution of water over the top of the sand media bed. 

       All internal piping is 2” (Dia:63mm) to give smooth, free-flowing performance.

       Flange clamp design allows 360 degree rotation for easy installation.

       Bottom drain plug for easy winterization or maintenance.

       Easy operation 7-position valve provides maximum flow at low pressure drop.


Filter Valve Functions


BACKWASH - For cleaning filter sand bed of accumulated debris

RINSE - Use after completing backwash cycle to ensure all dirty water is rinsed out of the filter to waste

WASTE - By-passes the filter for draining or lowering pool water level and for vacuuming heavy debris directly to waste line

RECIRCULATE - Water is recirculated through the valve, by-passing the filter

CLOSED - Shuts off the flow from the pump to the filter

FILTER - For normal filtering and regular vacuuming

WINTER - For winterizing





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